Armed Men Rob Bank in Brazil and Take Hostages; they end up running away

A group of 30 heavily armed and hooded men sowed terror during the bank robbery in Criciúma

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Brazil.- A group of 30 men Hooded and heavily armed men sowed terror at dawn this Tuesday during the assault yet Bank in Criciúma, a city in the south of Brazil, where the burglars took hostages, they blocked the tracks, burned vehicles Y they shot for about two hours.

According to the Police, the events occurred after midnight when the city was completely blocked by the action of the criminals, who invaded the center of Criciúma, a city of about 200,000 inhabitants, to raid a government agency Bank from Brazil.

The assailants attacked the Police battalion, they took as hostages several officials who were at that time painting security strips in the streets and put up barricades to prevent the authorities from passing while they stole the Bank.

A truck that was traveling at that time through a tunnel in the city was also set on fire, but firefighters managed to contain the flames.

So far, the total amount of the robbery is unknown, part of which was thrown into the streets by the assailants to entertain the authorities while they undertook the flight.

However, it is estimated that it is a « high » amount, due to the amount of bands of money that the authorities were able to observe in the back of a truck.

The action was described by the authorities as « extremely violent » and during it the mayor of the city, Celsio Salvaro, He had to ask for calm to the inhabitants who transmitted their fear through social networks.

During the assault, a policeman and a security guard were injured.

The scale of the attack was so great that the authorities had to request reinforcements from neighboring battalions to help contain the actions criminals.

The criminals fled in 10 cars « of high power and great commercial value » that they then left abandoned about 18 kilometers from the city in a cornfield. So far no one has been caught.

According to the Police, in the assault some participated 30 men « very well prepared » used a method of « simultaneous action » to cause terror and disperse the authorities while they carried out the assault banking.

Behind the assault, the agents found 30 kilos of explosives that apparently were to be used by bandits during the assault.

The authorities do not rule out that they are specialized gangs from other regions of the country.