Arkansas bans sex change treatments for trans minors

Arkansas became the First US state to ban medical sex-change treatments transgender minors, after the state General Assembly (Parliament) overruled the governor’s veto.

The new legislation prevents trans minors from receiving hormonal therapies and other medical treatments, as well as surgeries, for your sex change.

The proposal was approved last month by the Republican-controlled Arkansas Legislature and was vetoed on Monday by the state’s governor, the conservative Asa Hutchinson, who deemed the text “out of place” and “product of the culture war” In U.S.A.

This Tuesday the General Assembly annulled the veto of Hutchinson, in votes that remained 71 to 24 in the Lower House; and 25 to 8 in the Senate.

Republicans in 17 states The US have presented a series of proposals to restrict access to medical therapies to transgender children and adolescents.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced on its Twitter account that prepare a lawsuit against the law of Arkansas because, he stressed, such treatments save lives and their prohibition could have “devastating” consequences and in some cases fatal.

“This decision ignores dozens of local doctors, national medical experts, as well as trans youth and their parents, “ added the ACLU, which warned that it will be “relentless” in defending the rights of transgender youth in Arkansas.