Ariana Grande donated a million dollars for a good cause

In order to eliminate the stigma of going to therapy, Ariana Grande, who always seeks to raise awareness about mental health, wants to make sure this treatment is accessible to everyone.

And in partnership with the online advisory service Better help, the singer announced on her social networks that will give away $ 1 million in free therapy to his fans, followers and really anyone interested.

“While I recognize that therapy shouldn’t be just for a privileged few, but something that everyone has access to and that this doesn’t solve the problem in the long run, I wanted to do it anyway hoping to inspire them to give it a try, to feel good about asking for help and hopefully free their minds of any kind of self-judgment in the process, “he wrote on his Instagram account.

Although many people may suffer from a mental illness, not all seek treatment and This agreement allows Ariana’s followers to have one month of assistance with a therapist.

“After that, you will have the option to renew and continue. I hope this is a useful starting point, that you can create a space for this in your life and continue to do so! Healing is not linear or easy, but it is worth the effort and time ”, concluded the artist.

Grande has always been understanding and, at the same time, concerned that the new generations, of whom she is a reference to her 28 years, have fewer and fewer mental health problems. But it is one thing to publish content that ‘helps’ to cope with those who suffer from these kinds of diseases and another really contribute, something that she is doing by giving the millionaire figure that, without a doubt, is to be applauded.

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