A dinner set with the theme of the movie « Midsommar » was chosen so that the birthday girl, Ariana Grande, could enjoy a different day, in the company of family and close friends.

In the company of family, close friends and her boyfriend, the Nickelodeon star spent his birthday.

At the party, of course, was Grande’s boyfriend, Dalton Gómez, who appears in part of the photos shared by the celebrity on social networks.

In one of the snapshots Grande expresses: « So my friends surprised me with a theme … », referring to the theme of the celebration while in the company of a beautiful flower arrangement.

This theme came to the eyes of the very protagonist of the film who commented on her Instagram account:

Mayqueeen! Now have some mushroom tea, ”a comment that refers to a particular scene in the movie he starred in.

Perhaps the theme of the party was the result of the uproar this film had in Ariana Grande’s life, so much so that in recent months the singer posted on her Twitter:

« Do you think it’s okay for Midsommar to be my favorite bedtime ATM, or should I get help right away. »

With information from Billboard.