Ariana Grande and the mishap that almost made her lose an eye because of Lady Gaga | Instagram

A serious mishap during the recording of the video « Rain On Me » almost made him lose his eye to Ariana Grande and the person responsible could have been Lady Gaga.

Both singers came together to star in a new video, the same one in which Lady Gaga had as a protgonist Ariana Grande.

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However, while they were in full choreography, the interpreter of « Poker face« He scratched the 27-year-old singer with his fingernail, causing her to even throw herself on the floor in pain, a publication said.

I brushed her with my nail by accident while we danced, « Lady said sadly while Ariana rubbed her eye that wouldn’t stop tearing on the floor.

Fortunately, the incident would not have had major consequences and Ariana he recovered easily, although his eye It was slightly inflamed and irritated for a few hours.

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Meanwhile the idol of the « Little monsters« (As Gaga calls her fans) she was concerned about the scratch on her skin that she unconsciously made to Ariana Grande, detailed Caras.

To de-dramatize, Grande said, « It is an honor that Lady Gaga scratched my eye. I hope I have a scar for life. »

It is worth mentioning that this new collaboration was one of the most anticipated by the fans of both stars, « Rain on me« was released on May 2020, and was the second single from the album « Chromatica », the sixth studio album by the famous artist already crowned the « Queen of electropop ».

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Without a doubt, this will be a moment to remember both of them, not only for their meeting for this collaboration but also for the mishap that occurred in full recording.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande record « Rain On Me »

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It is worth mentioning that the topic was very good critics as for the rhythm, the voices of both as well as their beautiful message, they assure.

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So if you haven’t heard it, here is a video for you to enjoy this theme, in which the singers they captured a great message: Perseverance despite adversity.