The eShop of Nintendo Swich It has a large number of indie video games that we can play whenever we want, where we want and how we want, so lovers of these smaller studios often have one of these hybrid consoles. Thus, one of the latest titles that has confirmed his arrival at this virtual store is Aria Chronicle, a strategic RPG created by Cres and Studio N9 that has not yet given an exact date, but has simply commented that will come throughout next winter.

Aria Chronicle is already on the way to Nintendo Switch

When the princess of the kingdom of Tamageria, Aria, was making a pilgrimage to the village of Latebra, located in the confines of the kingdom, along with paladin Tila and secretary Gerom, she is involved in the plans of a mysterious organization. This is how Aria Chronicle begins, a strategic RPG with a deep combat system, but offering great flexibility to players and making it difficult to predict what lies beyond. In addition, in order to succeed in these battles, we will have dozens of skill types and attacks, but also up to 14 different jobs and different skill trees.

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So, if you are a fan of those more strategic turn-based fights, then be sure to take a look and give Aria Chronicle a try, which aims to be one of the most comprehensive and insightful in this field. And you, have you played a large number of RPGs in turns, so many that you can’t even count them, or are you from that group of people that this genre seems like a thing of the past and, instead, now prefers to play Most active RPGs where the turns have already disappeared?