It never rains to everyone’s liking and a decision as controversial as that of the US Open 2020 to go ahead and establish a demanding protocol, it was clear that it would generate dissonant voices. One of the most powerful and well structured has been that of the Canadian tennis player Gabriela Dabrowski, current number 7 in the WTA doubles ranking at 28 years old. A few minutes after knowing the official ratification of the event, he shared on his social networks a message that has gone viral in which he uses nine reasons why the New York Grand Slam should not take place. These are the arguments of the American tennis player:

06/16/2020 11:06

The USTA shares the official protocol that the players must follow: tests, guidelines, transportation, accommodation, distance, etc.

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1. When the US Open presented its plan, it seemed like it was selling us an idea. It seems that the health of the players is not the priority and the opinions of the tennis players have not been taken into account.

2. It is impossible to control and enforce all the rules of a bubble like the one raised. It will be impossible to avoid some kind of contact and with that there is already a risk.

3. At least half of the players are not comfortable with having to travel to the US and with no mixed doubles tournament, qualy and doubles being cut in half.

4. Reducing the doubles table and eliminating the previous phases increase the economic imbalances in tennis.

5. One of the great beauties of the Grand Slams is the stories of overcoming players having to pass the previous phase; With its elimination, the tournament loses some of its magic.

6. Another of the great beauties of such a tournament is winning six consecutive doubles matches against the best in order to be champion. It won’t be like this this time.

7. There will be no opportunity to reap a great title and earn money with a modality like mixed doubles.

8. There is a real concern about the recurrence of the Covid nasal test, which are very uncomfortable, can cause anxiety in the players and its effectiveness is not fully proven.

9. The consequence of being positive in a control would mean leaving the tournament and being isolated in a hotel room for a long time.

The Canadian ends up demanding that other formulas be sought to continue with tennis, without incurring such drastic measures that, according to her, completely distort the essence of a Grand Slam. It is evident that the tennis players have had little to say in what was decided by the US Open 2020 and the discomfort of some is already palpable. In case of Gabriela Dabrowski It could not be isolated and have the support of many colleagues.