Between Saturday and Sunday the largest virtual meeting of world sport was held, organized by the Argentine Federation of TawkwonDo ITF and the Grand Master Néstor Galarrada, which had 1588 participants online. East First International TaekwonDo Training Webinar It was an online seminar that lasted two days and had several speakers from the activity from 16 different countries.

Among those who gave the lectures were the Grand Master CHOI JUNG HWA, son of the founder of taekwon-do and President of the International Taekwon-Do Federation. Due to the interest, the Webinar had to be held through two platforms, Zoom and YouTube. The countries represented in this double day, framed in a context of the coronavirus pandemic, were Canada; United States; Paraguay; Uruguay; Venezuela; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Peru; Bolivia; Puerto Rico; England; Italy; Spain and Argentina.

Great masters of taekwon-do from different cities participated in the dissertations: CABA, Rosario, Salta, Barcelona (Spain), Texas (United States), Toronto (Canada), Santiago (Chile) and the central study was in Monte Grande.

In the sporting aspect, the following spoke: Grand Master Néstor Galarraga (Argentina), Director of the ITF Tournament Committee; Master José Maidana (Argentina), Director of the ITF Referees Committee; Master Fernando Pérez (Spain), Member of the ITF Referees Committee; Grand Master Mario Troiano (Argentina) Director of the FITFA Graduation Committee; Master William Howard (United States), Director ITF Ethics Committee; Master Horacio Boitano (ARG) President FATA; Grand Master Ebel Barat (ARG) President FITFA and Master Parm Rai (Canada) Director ITF Technical Committee.