Argentina speeds up vaccination against COVID-19

The Minister of Health of Argentina, Ginés González García, highlighted today that the country is accelerating
Vaccination against
Covid-19 and estimated that by next September residents who are at risk groups or perform essential tasks will be vaccinated.

« We are starting with a rhythm of Vaccination more accelerated, « he said in statements to the local press, and remarked that » with the vaccines that we have committed and with the actions that we are taking, we estimate that in August, September, we have vaccinated all Argentines who are in a position to be vaccinated.  » .

The head of the health portfolio stressed that the country is « beginning another more accelerated vaccination rate, in negotiations with the different vaccine suppliers and we will continue to accelerate day by day. »

It is « ending with the Vaccination Of the health personnel, there are very few left throughout the country, and starting with the elderly, the most vulnerable, with a gradualism between 80 and 70 years according to the organization of each province, « he said.

As he mentioned, by the end of the Vaccination « The population that is not at specific risk will remain. This first phase consists of working on the vulnerable and those we need to be healthy, then the rest will be. »

Argentina registered its first case of Covid-19 on March 3 and confirmed a total of 2,039,124 infections and 50,616 deaths to date.

The social, preventive and mandatory distancing measures (DISPO) ordered by the Executive to control the pandemic will last until February 28.

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