Argentina added another 7,671 coronavirus cases and 242 deaths

Other 242 people died and 7,671 were reported with coronavirus (Covid-19)in the last 24 hours in Argentina, with what There are 50,857 deaths officially registered at the national level and 2,046,795 those infected since the beginning of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health reported today.

Regarding the notification curve, Vizzotti detailed this morning that « the number of cases continues to decline »While performing a disaggregated analysis by region, he indicated that « Whose, NOA and NEA are the ones that most decreased the cases and most currently occur in the AMBA area, central and southern part of the country. »

In relation to mortality, the official indicated that « we assume that in the last weeks that there were many cases occurred in young people and when making an intervention in the transmission we achieve that there is no impact on mortality« .

The Ministry indicated that 54,375 tests were carried out in the last 24 hours and since the beginning of the outbreak, they have counted 7,002,049 diagnostic tests for this disease, which is equivalent to 155,601 samples per million inhabitants.

The sanitary portfolio indicated that 3,595 people are admitted to intensive care units, with an occupancy rate for adult beds of 54.1% in the country and 59.2% in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area. The Ministry of Health announced that this is the third consecutive week that this indicator experiences « a very slight decline. »

52.77% (4,048 people) of those infected today (7,671) correspond to the City and the province of Buenos Aires. Of the 2,046,795 infected, 90.35% (1,849,451) were discharged and 146,487 are confirmed active cases.

On this day, the deceased were 136 men and 103 women, while 2 people residing in the province of Buenos Aires and 1 in the City of Buenos Aires were registered without sex data.

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The detail of the deceased:

136 men

90 in the province of Buenos Aires 19 in the City of Buenos Aires 2 in Chaco 2 in Chubut 3 in Córdoba 1 in Entre Ríos 1 in La Pampa 2 in La Rioja 1 in Misiones 3 in Neuquén 4 in Río Negro 1 in San Luis 2 in Santa Cruz 2 in Santa Fe 3 in Tucumán

103 women

62 women from the province of Buenos Aires 16 in the City of Buenos Aires 1 in Chaco 1 in Chubut 2 in Córdoba 6 in Entre Ríos 2 in La Rioja 1 in Misiones 2 in Neuquén 4 in Río Negro 3 in San Luis 1 in Santa Cruz 1 in Santa Fe 1 in Tierra del Fuego

How many cases were registered today

Today 3,254 cases were registered in the province of Buenos Aires; in the City of Buenos Aires, 794; in Catamarca, 68; in Chaco, 100; in Chubut, 314; in Corrientes, 147; in Córdoba, 848; in Entre Ríos, 193; in Formosa, 52; in Jujuy, 45; in La Pampa, 100; in La Rioja, 29; in Mendoza, 164; in Misiones, 102; in Neuquén, 294; in Río Negro, 221; in Salta, 89; in San Juan, 79; in San Luis, 17; in Santa Cruz, 114; in Santa Fe, 402; in Santiago del Estero, 70; Tierra del Fuego, 55; and in Tucumán 120.

The total accumulated by district indicates that the province of Buenos Aires totals 854,310 cases; the City of Buenos Aires, 224,931; Catamarca, 7,031; Chaco, 32,784; Chubut, 45,822; Corrientes, 20,568; Cordoba 1523,759; Entre Ríos, 43,960; Formosa, 1,040; Jujuy, 19,923; La Pampa, 17,941; La Rioja, 9,945; Mendoza, 66,028; Missions, 7,161; Neuquen, 59,442; Rio Negro, 51,169; Salta, 25,024; San Juan, 14,821; St. Louis, 20,244; Santa Cruz, 34,864; Santa Fe, 212,969; Santiago del Estero, 22,032; Tierra del Fuego, 22,584; and Tucumán, 78,443.

17 existing cases in the Falkland Islands are included according to press information (due to the illegal occupation of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it is not possible to have our own information on the impact of Covid-9 in that part of Argentine territory).

Countrywide distribution of Oxford vaccine produced in India begins

The distribution of the 580 thousand doses of the Covishield vaccine, made in India and developed by Oxford and AstraZeneca, started today and will arrive between Friday and Saturday in all jurisdictions in the country, informed the Secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzottti, when providing the report on the situation of Argentina in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

« Yesterday 580 thousand doses of the Oxford vaccine produced in India (Covisheld) arrived and distribution is beginning today so that some 530 thousand doses will arrive between tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday to all jurisdictions in the country, » said Vizzotti .

In addition, he added that « 350 thousand doses of the first component of Sputnik V were distributed during this long weekend. »

The official recalled that Argentina is going through the seventh week of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus and to date 1,173,115 doses have been distributed and 391,975 of the first component and 241,662 of the second of the vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Research Center of Russia were reported as applied.

Regarding the surveillance of vaccine safety, as of February 11, 19,014 alleged events related temporarily to vaccination had been reported, of which 97% were effectively linked and of these 99.4% were mild or moderate (myalgia, headache or pain at the injection site).

When showing the epidemiological risk analysis map, which considers the incidence rate of cases in the last 14 days of each department compared to the rate of the previous 14 days, Alejandro Costa, Undersecretary of Health Strategies, pointed out that « a predominantly low risk is observed in green, some in yellow and very few with high risk in red « .