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The fight that citizens and health workers make to improve the situation in Mexico in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, seems not to matter to the entrepreneurs of the Margarita Arena in San Luis Potosí, as they performed a function that at first sight does not have the appropriate sanitary measures.

On their social networks, they celebrated the restart of wrestling, and they also expressed that they were taking temperature measurements and having a reduced capacity, but on the live broadcast it was clear that the small venue was full to capacity and the Attendees could not abide by social distancing and even many (most perhaps) did not wear face masks.

Wrestling function in San Luis Potosí without adequate measures

While many promoters and fighters have found themselves in difficult and reinventing situations to be able to provide for their families, the Margarita arena was not ashamed to have close to (or more than) 200 people, including children and older adults, from shoulder to shoulder , without mouth guards or with misplaced masks, screaming, holding hands and even people standing touching the ring.

This is not the first function they perform with this type of irresponsibility, because even on July 5 they also filled and with the presence of Cybernetics, who according to what we heard, was not aware that the arena would be so full.

This situation has outraged the Mexican wrestling community and both fans and wrestlers have made use of social networks to denounce the enormous recklessness.

San Luis potosí is at an orange traffic light, and as you can read on the state’s website, only economic activities are authorized with essential personnel, while social and recreational activities are allowed with reduced capacity in open spaces but strictly suspended in spaces. closed. In the state, there are currently 4,352 cases of coronavirus and 282 regrettable deaths.

In Lucha Noticias we call on the corresponding authorities to end this type of activities, and not only those of San Luis Potosí, since other irregular arenas have been reported in the country. We also call on the fans not to risk their health and not participate in these types of events. Do not eat cravings, wrestling will return and better than ever, but as it should be.

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