We have already told you about the Google problem and the legal process it is facing against Sotos Inc., a manufacturer of home speakers, after infringing five of its patents.

All this situation started five months ago, after Sotos will sue Google for 5 other patents, later the ITC said to investigate this complaint about the audio players and drivers of Google, Alphabet Inc.

Now the owner of Alphabet Inc could end another lawsuit this summer, as she is accused of abuse in her advertising clout. Well, despite the fact that Google offers free searches, it makes money through advertising.

Let’s consider that Google controls a third of the world’s online advertising spending. Also, 90 percent of the market for some ad tech tools, including Ad Manager, slots for graphic ads.

Furthermore, the company has been accused of abusing its Android domain. Something that some platforms point out and that is evident in different ways is that Google favors its own products in search results.

Google does not give other brands the opportunity:

Despite the fact that today, the most used search engine is Google, according to Statista, this is not benefiting other companies more than this one. Imagine that it registers 3.8 million search per minute, however, Wikipedia, a widely used encyclopedia has lost up to 14 percent of traffic, since 2019, from this search engine.

You have tried to position yourself in Google searches; How do you know what works?

Sitemaps is a tool that Google offers to register your pages and this platform includes them in search results. Today this is known as Google Webmaster Central.

Sitemap management is not only a Google tool, since Yahoo and Microsoft Live have their own versions. It is a file in XML format that is responsible for managing web pages, from their address to their importance and the modifications it has.

But it can also help you discover when it is time to modify your site. Either a year or even every month to discover the combination that brings you potential customers.

By generating social behaviors that in turn demand research topics from existing technologies to emerging technologies and that originate effective products and services.

It is from this that business opportunities arise, this consolidates and drives social megatrends and fosters technological behaviors.

According to HelpScout, regular shoppers are up to 61 percent, stingy and 24 percent, and wasters up to 15 percent.