“Are you threatening me because I am a woman?”

‘La hora de La 1’ lived one of its most tense moments, as well as surreal, during the morning of February 22. In the news section, Mònica López and the collaborators were discussing the street protests for Hasél’s release when Celia Villalobos got up from her seat rebuking a partner after you have tried to participate in the discussion.

Celia Villalobos stars in a confusing moment in ‘La hora de La 1’

The former minister was trying to express her opinion when Julio César Herrero, who was the one who had the floor, raised the tone so that his partner wouldn’t step on him: « I’m done, Celia. » « You don’t have to shout, I’ll shut up, » she replied indignantly. Herrero denied that he was yelling and assured him: « Oops, when I scream, you’ll know what it’s like to scream« . These words did not seem to sit well with Villalobos, who questioned him: »What happens? Are you threatening me?« .

Herrero denied that it was like that, while another of his teammates got a trick assuring that he was threatening her. The exaspiring ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ got up from the chair, staying very close to her partner. « Are you threatening me because I am a woman?« , she reproached him. The presenter tried to put order to this improvised moment on the set, to which Celia Villalobos returned to her place assuring that it was all a joke.

Resolved the tension

Before sitting down, Celia Villalobos ran her hand down Herrero’s back to reassure him. « I was getting very violent, » he commented after the scare. « I’m kidding! I’m kidding! You scared him, » Lopez scolded her. « Of course! Is that that is what to do with men« , said the former politician between laughter. » With the good people that I am, how violent I was getting, « settled the gathering before returning to the thread of his words.