If you are tired of Netflix asking you “Are you still watching this title?”, You have a simple way to avoid these interruptions. Take note because we tell you how you can deactivate this annoying message.

It never fails: you are comfortably lying on your sofa or in bed enjoying that series that you like so much, when the playback suddenly stops. Then the screen goes dark and the message “Are you still seeing this title?” appears, next to a button to continue watching and another to go back.

But why does this happen? It is not that Netflix wants to bother you for pleasure, but that this message has a reason. As the platform explains on its help page, this message is displayed if you have watched two episodes of a series consecutively without having interacted with the player controls. In this case, this message will appear on the screen during the first two minutes of the next chapter.

All right, but what’s the point of interrupting playback? Netflix points out that it does it for your good: the objective that the platform wants to verify that you are still there is that you do not consume unnecessary internet data if you are not watching the content.

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Also, in this way the series does not advance until you interact with the player, so that if for example you have fallen asleep, you can continue the show near the point where you left it, and not much later.

If this bothers you excessively and you are not worried about your series continuing to play while you are not watching, you have a very easy way to disable the message “Are you still seeing this title?” on Netflix.

To do this, what you have to do is disable the automatic playback of the next episode. You can do this by going to Netflix in a web browser and selecting Account from the menu that appears by clicking on the date next to the profile image.

Next, open the Profile and parental control settings of the profile you want to manage, look for the Playback settings section and then click on Change. You will see a screen like the one shown in the image a little above, where you have to uncheck the box Automatically play the next episode of the series on all devices. Save the changes to apply the new settings.

Keep in mind that, from this moment on, you will have to press manually to see the next chapter in your series. The new settings do not apply to all profiles, so if you want to remove the message in all profiles of the account you will have to do it manually.