On the night of Tuesday, September 15, the fifth season of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ began with a first broadcast in which the new contestants premiered in the kitchens of the Spanish Television program. A first time they showed a first glimpse of their culinary skills and that caused the first clash between a contestant and a judge, starring Jesús Castro and Jordi Cruz Mas.

Jesús Castro and Jordi Cruz, faced off in the first program of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 5’

The contestant presented two dishes, like the rest of his classmates, at which point he received a slap on the wrist for throwing part of the ingredients into the trash, something that Castro categorically denied. « If you say so, it will be like that, » replied the actor, seriously, after Jordi assured that he had been caught during the test. « You, my friend, what are you looking for here? » The judge then questioned, not happy with the interpreter’s reply. « I’m looking to learn from a world that I like, » acknowledged the aforementioned, to whom Cruz conceded that « I can give you that », without reducing the tension between the two.

« And discuss with me? » The judge added then, to Castro’s disbelief. « If I look for it? No. And you, with me? », Returned the contestant, with some haughtiness. « Not much less. But if you’ve come to learn, do you know how to do it? With the truth, » Cruz countered, before asking the interpreter « how do you accept the criticism? » « Good. If not, there is no learning possible, » replied the aforementioned, after which the chef pointed out directly that « your two dishes are a stone. »

Nervous and insecure

« The cooking level is low and the attitude that I have seen you is very nervous, very insecure. And I do you for a brave man, wanting to do very well »Jordi continued, to which Castro confessed that « it is my first day and obviously I have come tense, nervous. » A moment of tension after which the actor received the support and consolation of Juan José Ballesta, his partner in the evaluations, who once advised him away from the judges that « do not bite anyone, because you lose. »