Are you looking for a chair to play with and you don’t like gamer type ones? 5 desk chairs that we recommend

If you want to have maximum comfort without having to opt for the “gamer aesthetic” this is your list.

Are you looking for a chair to play with and you don't like gamer type ones?  5 desk chairs that we recommend

Body there is only one, and it is our responsibility to take care of him the best we can throughout our lives. Players do not engage in any activity that could put us in immediate danger, but we do tend to systematically ignore the “silent killer” that playing in games can lead to. bad posture hours and hours throughout our lives. Those who play in their living rooms, accompanied by their armchairs or sofas, may have to worry less about it, but those who enjoy their leisure at the desk, especially if their productive side also takes place in a chair, can come in. under this “risk” profile that involves neglecting our position. To fix it, in addition to a good posture habit, a good seat is usually necessary on which to spend our hours of comfortable play, something that we can only achieve with the right chair.

For most players, this happens by acquiring one of the usual “Gaming Chairs” that populate the market, many of them truly useful for this purpose, but that, due to their aesthetics, or because of the benefits they usually focus on, they don’t have to be for everyone. With the aim of helping those players who play on the desktop and deny these market options, we have prepared this shopping guide, in which we will see various models, whether to play, study or work, but always from our desktop.

Our favorite models

Image: Ikea.Image: Ikea.

Those who remember, may remember that in our last shopping guide dedicated to this piece of furniture we include both models designed “to play”, as well as others intended for less fun scenarios, but equally common in our day to day life. From this text almost a year ago, and all the listed models still seem interesting to us even today; However, in order not to leave two similar lists – and with almost a year to be able to talk about other models with some ownership – we have renovated a good part of the furniture of which we spoke there. The new list, with only one member who repeats appearance, is the following.

Ikea Flintan

Are you looking for a chair to play with and you don't like gamer type ones?  5 desk chairs that we recommend

Let’s start with the model that, in our eyes, will be most attractive to most readers who have been interested in this text. It’s about the Ikea Flintan, a simple and functional desk chair that stands out for offering good value for money. The furniture itself has a single height-adjustable foot, a well-built, metallic base with good finishes, on which the chair itself rests, with a somewhat less careful construction, but perfectly valid for daily use without fear its durability. The backrest, of an acceptable size, has a mesh so as not to punish the lower back while we are using the furniture, as well as the ability to recline it slightly. Apart from this, the chair itself does not have more extras, in fact, the armrests must be purchased separately, but it still seems to us a most attractive option.

Buy Ikea Flintan for 59 euros

Amoiu office chair

Are you looking for a chair to play with and you don't like gamer type ones?  5 desk chairs that we recommend

We continue with an office model that, as with the simple Ikea chair with which we have opened the text, we especially like it for its good value for money; although in this case said price increases to offer some more benefits. The model in question in the standard office chair from Amoiu, a European brand that boasts of having the certifications of associations such as BIFMA or SGS, two entities totally focused on office supplies and their benefits. As we anticipate, at the construction level this model is quite similar to the one we have previously highlighted, but it has better finishes on the armchair, more padding and interesting extras with respect to the Flintan, such as its lumbar support, its high armrests fixed, or your upper headrest; All in all, it seems to us a very complete model and an important improvement over the one we highlighted in our last shopping guide in this price range.

Buy Amoiu office chair for 117.99 euros

Markus from Ikea

Are you looking for a chair to play with and you don't like gamer type ones?  5 desk chairs that we recommend

This is the second and last chair from the well-known Swedish store, being also one of its most recognizable models; It’s about the Markus from Ikea, a chair highly recognizable for its form factor and good performance, which, although now less attractive than in the past, due to the relative absence of stock and its price increase compared to its launch, is still one of our favorites. Much of the blame for this is how this chair is built, with a reinforced metal base and a firm and adaptable structure, topped by a large and high backrest that makes this model an ideal choice for those taller than average. It is not without problems, especially in this price range in which we already ask for some additional extras, for example, finding armrests with adjustable height; but, even with everything, it is an excellent option for its price.

Buy Ikea Markus for 169 euros

Sihoo M82C

Are you looking for a chair to play with and you don't like gamer type ones?  5 desk chairs that we recommend

A step above the well-known Markus, both in price and performance, would be this ergonomic option from Sihoo, an Asian brand that has a restrained, but interesting catalog, of which this is our favorite option. The main reason for this, as well as the reason why we place this model right after the Ikea option, is because of its tremendous adjustability; everything in her is compliant, from the height of the armrests, to the cervical support, through the seat distance and the lumbar support. It has a firm metal construction for its base, while the seat and body of the chair are made of material with metal reinforcements. It does not have padding, but opts for a firm mesh that we will appreciate in hot weather for its breathability.

Buy M82C from Sihoo for 219.99 euros

Diablo V-Dynamic

Are you looking for a chair to play with and you don't like gamer type ones?  5 desk chairs that we recommend

To close this list we are going to bet big and include a model that, although it is surely out of the reach of many, represents everything we are looking for in a comfortable desk chair that can serve us for our leisure and productivity in front of the desk; we would be talking about the Diablo V-Dynamic, the “intermediate” series of the Polish brand. If we ignore its price – a difficult task, we know – we are facing the most complete model on this list, built around a reinforced metal base on which the adjustable base for the main seat is located, with a flexible construction lined with mesh , which gives way to the backrest of the furniture itself, which has height and depth adjustment for the lumbar support and the backrest itself, as well as the headrest. As with the previous model, everything is capable of adjustment, which, together with its construction and use, makes this chair an ideal model for anyone who is looking for a desk chair and can afford it.

Buy Diablo V-Dynamic for 469.99 euros

The ideal chair to play at the desk

Are you looking for a chair to play with and you don't like gamer type ones?  5 desk chairs that we recommend

We have previously talked about what for us is “an ideal position” to play, our text on desks is one of the last examples of this that we have given; But, in order not to leave this new guide to this explanation an orphan, we will quickly talk about it again.

Ideally, have a chair with maximum adjustabilityAccording to the US OSHA, a work desk or other intensive activity has to place us in a comfortable position in which we can have all the tools and peripherals of it without having to get up from our chair, especially our keyboard, which we must access without the need to stretch our arms and without raising them beyond the mid-waist, always at a right angle. If we have a monitor -in our case, it will be- this must be placed at a safe distance at the level of our eyes, slightly inclined, to facilitate our posture.

To achieve all this, especially if we do not have a height-adjustable desk, the ideal would be to get a chair that has maximum adjustability possible, both in height and in the position of the seat and backrest, in order to accommodate said “ideal posture” regardless of the characteristics of our desk. In other words, for us the ideal chair is one that:

It allows us to regulate its height, to be able to keep the arms in a perpendicular position at a 90º angle in front of the desk.
It has adjustable armrests, that they let us position our arms so that we do not have to force our wrists while we work or play freely.
Count with one ergonomic backrest, preferably with lumbar support, to rest the body. Those models with inclination will be preferable.
It has the right depth for your seat, or let us regulate it at will to adapt it to these needs.

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