Are you leaving Porto? Jesús “Tecatito” Corona spoke about his future

Jesús Manuel “el Tecatito” Corona is one of the Mexican players who have been constant with his great performances in Europe, which is why he has been put as a possible reinforcement in different teams in the old continent, so the attacker himself spoke about Her future.

In an interview for Mediotiempo, “El Tecatito” Corona stated that he will seek to continue working to put his name high and continue to represent Mexico in the best way, either with Porto or in some other team outside of Portugal.

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“I have to keep working and I have faith that something will come out, whether in Porto or elsewhere. I want to leave the name of Mexico and mine in a big way. In the end, right now I’m with the National Team and if I act well, something good will come for me and my family “

Corona assured that at the moment he is only focused on the Mexican National Team and that, whether at Porto or not, he will seek to play where the best conditions exist for him and his family.

“Be it in Porto or wherever, renovating or not, I want to be happy and that my family is also happy and in the end it will be seen”

Jesús Manuel Corona has one more year left on his contract with the Dragons, and although there have been approaches from the board for a renewal, it is still unknown what his future will be.

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