Under the premise of “the truth is out there”, the organization invites those passionate about the subject to discover archives never seen before

Notimex –

The Central Intelligence Agency (INC) of the United States reported today that they prepared a selection of documents on UFOs (UFO), which were declassified in 1978, which “both skeptics and believers will find very interesting.”

Through the message “the truth is out there, and it’s your time to find it,” the agency welcomes its readers to the wealth of 10 documents based on research conducted from the late 1940s to 1950s; five of them are “for believers of the UFOs“and five” for skeptics. “

In the materials for the first group there are cases that occurred in Germany, Spain, Africa and the Congo. While the selection for those who doubt the phenomenon there are files that show evidence about flying objects that were detected around 1950.

Also, on the page of the INC A series of 10 tips for learning to investigate “flying objects” are shown, accompanied by a story from a police officer in New Mexico who saw “a shiny object, the size of a car, glowing in the sky.”

In addition, the US intelligence agency has an interactive blog detailing their activities, telling the agency’s “best spy stories” and answering various questions from Internet users, such as: “What is the most strange what is in the INC, one that no one would think exists there? Graphic designer?”.

The agency’s initiative takes place within the framework of the social isolation that millions of people around the world experience due to the pandemic of COVID-19So they invited people to stay home and “learn about the research they have done on the UFO phenomenon.”