Are you a craftsman? The Government has a fund to support you

The importance of handicrafts is not only based on the ancestral knowledge that is preserved, but also has a great economic impact in Mexico. If you are a craftsman and want to receive support to boost your artisan production, the Federal Government through the National Fund for the Promotion of Handicrafts (Fonart), I could support with money and / or species ,.

The purpose of this Fund is to support artisans in the purchase of fixed assets and / or inputs necessary for the production processes of their crafts, making it possible for them to reduce their investment costs and increase their profits.

Necessary requirements to support Fonart:

1.- Present in original, a free writing where the craftsman expresses the interest in receiving the support, there is also the option of doing it electronically, filling out the application.

2.- Original and copy of the document that proves Mexican nationality, it could be any of those listed below:

Voting credential with valid photograph (INE). National military service card. Passport. Professional license. Citizen identity card. Credential of the National Institute for Older Adults (INAPAM). Unique Population Registry Code (CURP), in case of not having it, present the birth certificate. Credential issued by FONART. Are you a craftsman? The Government has a fund to support you. Photo: Reformation.

3.- If you are an artisan, you must present the following products and documents (original):

Present your product, which will be subject to an analysis according to the Matrix of Differentiation between Crafts and Crafts (DAM Matrix), applied by FONART or by whoever has a signed and current coordination and collaboration agreement. Unique Socioeconomic Information Questionnaire (CUIS).

It is important to mention that if you have received support from FONART in the two immediate previous years, you must prove the use of the resources received through invoices, receipts and / or acknowledgments that prove the use of the support provided.

In addition, it is essential not to have received support from other federal programs for the same concepts granted by FONART. The craftsman must be below the wellness line. These procedures have no cost.

The alternatives to carry out your procedure are the following:

Online: Start your process online here and finish it in person. In person: Go to the houses or craft institutes or homologous areas of your State of the Republic, which have a coordination and collaboration agreement.

It is worth mentioning that the houses or institutes are the link to search for the artisan and gather the information to be sent to the FONART.

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