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The start of this week has been spectacular for the values ​​linked to tourism and with it investors are seeing the long-awaited end of the tunnel of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As it is logical to think, some are behaving better than others and some of them already find it difficult to maintain the current revaluations without the smarter investors have started to carry out a profit collection as succulent as it is fast.

This is the case of Meliá Hotels, which together with NH Hoteles has stopped rising in today’s session looking from below as other values ​​such as Edreams, IAG, Amadeus or Aena continue to rise and leaves us with the million dollar question on the table.

Evolution of Meliá Hotels shares
                    Eduardo Bolinches

As we can see in the graph, the actions of Meliá Hotels they have not been able to overcome the five euro zone and to continue in this way with the recovery of the prices of all the fall suffered by the coronavirus pandemic. However, it is important to realize two small details:

The first has to do with the price level to which it has corrected even at the risk that it will not drop further. But the important thing is that the correction for the moment has only been until achieving the price level of the highs of last April.

The other detail has to do with the volume, and still also taking the risk of all that remains of the session ahead of today, this has been very low. This gives us a clear reading: the investor does not want to collect profits and bets on seeing more increases.

Therefore, these two facts make us think that it was not too late to enter this value. Yes, all we have to do is be extremely rigorous with the protection stop if we enter and not stay bought in the value if it loses the 4.48 euros which are the yesterday’s session lows. Especially when my logarithm tells me about supports at 4,575 euros.

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