Are we already used to Covid-19?

In Mexico the third wave of infections it is imminent, as is the federal government’s policy that opens the question: are we already used to Covid-19?

The strategy that the Ministry of Health (SSa) outlined is based on the advancement of the vaccination, maintain health prevention protocols and open the economy.

For the federal administration, Mexicans have learned to live with the virus.

We tell you more about the third wave of infections

Accustomed to Covid-19?

The strategy outlined by the SSa was confirmed by the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, during the morning press conference on July 26.

“We already know how to take care of ourselves all … from the beginning I have said that we are of legal age, that we have to take care of ourselves and (we have to) guarantee freedom,” said President López Obrador.

In his morning lecture from Veracruz, spoke of the growing epidemiological curve that gave rise to the third wave of Covid-19 in Mexico.

“In the country, we do see that the number of infections is growing, but not in the hospitalization, where 70% of available beds are registered ”, he added.

Third wave, new traffic light

This statement comes a few days after the Ministry of Health announced a new project to measure the Epidemiological Risk Traffic Light and the project of the new Clinical Guide for the Treatment of Covid-19 in Mexico.

According to the new parameters, the general prevention protocols are maintained.

Use of face mask
Healthy distance

These are adjusted in particular according to the traffic light color for each state in the country.

Do we have to keep wearing face masks?

In any of the scenarios proposed for the third wave, the use of the mask must be maintained.

Green Traffic Light: use in closed public spaces and without the possibility of maintaining healthy distance
Yellow Traffic Light: must usage in closed public spaces and in spaces without the possibility of maintaining a healthy distance Orange Traffic Light: mandatory use in closed public spaces and without the possibility of maintaining a healthy distance Red Traffic Light: mandatory use in all public spaces.

Regarding the handwashing and the observance of healthy distance are recommended in all scenarios.

Mobility and economic activities

Despite the fact that President López Obrador ruled out a total closure of economic activities, the Epidemiological Traffic Light does consider some adjustments according to the health risk.

Essential activities

Green traffic light: normal operation Yellow traffic light: normal operation Orange traffic light: operation reduced to 75%
Red light: operation reduced to 50%

Non-essential activities

Green traffic light: normal operation Yellow traffic light: operation reduced to 75%
Orange Traffic Light: operation reduced to 50%
Red traffic light: operation by indication of local or federal authority

Third wave numbers

The Mexico City and the Mexico state They returned to an epidemic risk orange traffic light as of this Monday, July 26.

The City does not foresee a new closure of activities, but rather to maintain the reopening.

According to the head of government, Claudia SheinbaumThis week will culminate with the application of the first dose to adults from 30 to 39 years of all municipalities and will also begin the vaccination of young people from 18 to 29.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, on its Open Data page, the Epidemiological Week 27 ended with a 48% increase in confirmed cases.

While Epidemiological Week 28 begins with an increase of 12% at the national level.

The general board of the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt), which concentrates the statistical data of Covid-19 in the country, reports that only three states are on a green light: Coahuila, Zacatecas Y Chiapas.

Mexico already registers an accumulated 238,424 deaths from Covid-19 and it is estimated that there are 109,279 active cases.

Sinaloa is the only state with a red traffic light and the rest of the Mexican Republic has an orange or yellow traffic light.

What happens in other countries

In the world, the message about maintaining sanitary measures to avoid the spread of SARS-CoV-2 It is still more than current.

During the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020For example, not only are there no audiences at competitions, athletes are subjected to daily saliva tests to check their health.

The player of the Mexican softball team, Stefania Aradillas, uploaded a video to his Instagram account, where he tells the process that athletes follow every day to detect new cases of Covid-19.

To wear a face mask or not?

In the United States, which is experiencing an alarming increase in cases caused by Delta variant, more contagious, in places where there are not high vaccination rates.

There are cities like Los Angeles and Philadelphia that reinstated the mandate to wear face masks.

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) withdrew the mask use directive for vaccinated people in May, the growing number of cases is causing health professionals to talk about the need to resume wearing the mask.

The United States is experiencing a fired wave of Covid-19 infections due to the Delta variant of concern, which has the highest rate of infections so far. Faced with this scenario, fully immunized people wonder if they should vforget to wear a mask in closed spaces.

To Celine gounder, specialist in infectious diseases and epidemiologist, given the appearance of new variants such as Delta, it is important for people to think about the benefit of wearing a mask, since it is an additional measure of protection.

“When you drive through your neighborhood, the seatbelt is enough, but if you are driving on a NASCAR race track, in addition to the seatbelt, drivers wear helmets, airbags,” he added, emphasizing that the use of face masks and face shield add an extra layer of protection.

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