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Gamers of yesteryear certainly remember Ultima, a popular role-playing franchise that began its journey in 1981, the year its first installment debuted. The saga created by Richard Garriott has had several iterations, but has been somewhat forgotten.

Despite this, the franchise still has a group of fans who would like to see updated versions of the early games. Fortunately, Garriott is also interested in the project.

The creative was recently questioned about seeing remasters of some Ultima games. Unfortunately, Garriott was not very positive about it, since he stated that not everything depends on him.

Garriott already tried to revive past installments of Ultima

A fan asked Garriott about the possibilities of remastering the classic Ultima installments. The creative was enthusiastic about the idea, but made it clear that it would be quite complicated.

In fact, Garriott claimed that he had already tried together with Electronic Arts, but apparently the project was not viable. « I would … EA would not leave me. We have tried, « said the creator of the saga.

Garriott is currently working on Shroud of the Avatar, an MMO intended as a spiritual successor to the Ultima series. Thus, everything indicates that the creative will continue to focus on said project and there are few possibilities to see Ultima remasters, at least for now.

The saga continues, especially thanks to Ultima Online, an MMO that debuted in 1997. It was developed by Origin Systems and distributed by Electronic Arts. On the other hand, your main deliveries can still be purchased for PC via GOG.

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