Are they trying to extort the actor Hector “N”? Her daughter clears it up

Are they trying to extort the actor Hector “N”? His daughter clarifies it | INSTAGRAM

The famous actor, Hector “N” continues to be held in the jail after being pointed out by his daughter Alexa of having sexually ab * abed her, however, in recent hours it has been said that the actor and his extorted.

Faced with these messages in which the information about the current situation of Gini Hoffman’s ex, his own daughter, is still being increased, Daniela parra, took it upon himself to use his social networks to clarify what is happening.

“There is a rumor that they have wanted to park my father, to me and my family, I just want to clarify that these are only rumors, we are perfectly fine, “explains the young woman on the subject.

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In addition, Daniela also thanked her for showing her support in the situation her father is facing, “we are still standing and strong as always, thank you for your infinite support and for caring about us.”

It should be remembered that this June 15, Héctor was arrested after his daughter Alexa, the daughter he had with Jenny Hoffman, denounced him for having sexually ab * s * ured her, when she was a minor a few days later on Thursday and the ruling of linking him to He processed a decision that his lawyers appealed but no resolution has yet been reached.

It is worth mentioning and remembering that Ginny’s niece, Daffne Hoffman confessed that she has also been the target of this situation by the actress’s brother, ensuring that neither her own aunt nor anyone else supported her at the time she raised her voice.

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The young niece said that at the age of nine she was the target of different ab * sos in her family circle, one by her uncle with sexual characteristics and also physical and psychological by her own father David Hoffman, who is the artist’s brother. in question.

She related what happened with her uncle who was in charge of the sexual abuse that she received in her own family: “I suffered sexual abuse by someone who was part of someone in my family, when I was a child, it was the most traumatic moment, yes, it is something that has marked me, it was only once of an uncle who went to visit us at home and then I suffered sexual abuse even though I was a minor, but already being in Mexico City, but it was no longer from someone in my family. My family knew, my dad knew, no one ever defended me ”.

In addition, the young woman also decided to comment on the spectacle that this generates and how her aunt is acting against her ex-husband Hector Parra, expressing the following: “There is a lot of incongruity in the way in which all this related to my cousin is being handled and yes, when I saw that interview with my cousin, and she says’ raise your voice ‘, the one that has seen so many girls seen in the Prosecutor’s Office and that has broken her heart and that we have to stop is … I say’ how is it possible that this is happening! When there is no congruence, if I myself was that person that at some point I needed them ”.

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