Many nerves that we have seen this morning in the Grifols stock after the yesterday’s falls with the second highest volume of the year of 6.39 percent.

To those descents it was called on to add another 5.6 percent drop in the first few minutes of hiring and that it has recovered quite quickly but that has left all investors frozen in the face of such an appearance of paper for apparently no reason.

We might think that the loss of the lows of the past April 4 at 27.85 euros has been to blame for the rush of automated sales orders by stop loss activation of the most technical investors.

But there are also other possibilities like the departure of a shareholder with a very high share package You may have lost your patience or fear after yesterday’s corrections, but normally when you have to release so many actions you do it in a much more orderly way.

Price crossings at Grifols in the early minutes of today
                    Eduardo Bolinches

And finally we would have the option of a crash for “fat finder”That is, a human error when placing an order on the market that what they do is sweep the price of all buyers until completing the number of shares to sell, but normally it does not leave the type of cross exchanges that we can see in the graphic.

Therefore, my feelings are that we have attended the second scenario.

Can we take advantage of this movement?

Obviously, we are no longer going to be able to buy at the lows of today’s session, but if we are indeed facing that second scenario described and it does not obey any type of privileged information, the idea is to enter without fear and place a stop loss at 27.89 euros to avoid getting hooked on the value if you turn around, but to return the tranquility in the value we will soon see it again at 29.60 euros.