“Are they going to take us for fools?”

Telecinco is looking for a way to revive its prime time access after it tried with ‘Love is in the air’. That is why he has decided to make use of ‘The island of temptations’, his star program in broadcast, advancing on Mondays the start of ‘The debate of temptations’ and scheduling a special ‘There are more images’ on Tuesdays.

Lola in bed with Carlos in ‘The island of temptations’

In this space, it seemed that the latest events were going to be analyzed, as well as offering exclusive images of upcoming installments. However, it eventually turned out to be a rehash of moments from the three editions and only two small advances: a few seconds of the girls choosing which was going to be the tempting banned and as many of Lola and Carlos in bed with a third party who also got into.

These 45 minutes of broadcast generated a multitude of criticisms on social networks, where viewers charged against Telecinco for feeling cheated not seeing exclusive images as they thought. « Are they going to put unpublished images or take us for fools putting repeated content? », A user complained on Twitter. « Do we confirm that we have lost 45 minutes of our life ?!« commented another.

It does not stand out with its audiences

Leaving aside the controversy, this special of ‘The island of temptations’ has not managed to convince viewers in terms of audience either. ‘There are more images’ marked 11%, while ‘El hormiguero’ scored 17.1% with the visit of Vicky Luengo. In addition, it did not cause major changes in ‘Love is in the air’, since the Turkish registered 12.8% compared to 12.4% last week.