Are the new ‘Rally1’ hybrids a temporary solution for the WRC?

The hybrid ‘Rally1’ concept as the hegemonic vehicle of the new WRC has not caught on from the first moment. In fact, Toyota and M-Sport are the only structures that are working on their car at the moment, as Hyundai has not yet given the green light to the project and at Hyundai Motorsport they cannot start developing their own ‘Rally1’. There are also no new manufacturers interested in the hybrid car concept. that will reign in the World Rally Championship at least until 2024. And it is that the WRC has been forced to stick to its three-year homologation cycles, although at first the ‘Rally1’ was screened for five seasons.

Nevertheless, the FIA ​​is not blind and has seen that the hybrid ‘Rally1’ have had a more lukewarm reception than could be expected. This is why Yves Matton as director of the FIA ​​Rally Commission has opened the door for ‘Rally1’ to have a shorter life than was originally stipulated. For now the FIA ​​wants to see how the category is born in 2022 and see what kind of evolution they have in the successive WRC seasons. What does this mean? That the FIA ​​does not close doors and will adjust to the commercial dynamics of manufacturers.

The WRC does not expect the arrival of a new manufacturer in the short termThe WRC does not expect the arrival of a new manufacturer in the short termRead news

Yves matton This is how he explained it: «We need to be flexible. If the manufacturers want to modify something, we will listen to them. The top tier of the WRC is not customer cars. It has been achieved that they are hybrid vehicles together with the manufacturers. If they tell us they want to change the strategy, we will work with them. The ‘Rally1’ are now for three years, between 2022 and 2024 in their first cycle. We see that things are moving fast, so we must anticipate. What we have achieved is what manufacturers are asking for now, but this does not have to continue to be the case. We want to have the best cars and for them to be a laboratory of new technologies».