After cooking, to accompany the shower, when coming home from work, any excuse is good to light a scented candle at home. It gives off a delicious scent and gives a comforting atmosphere to the room. But is it really a good idea to light a scented candle at home?

What’s in the scented candles?

Scented candles smell good, but don’t kid yourself, this is not a sign that everything is good in what they release. It is enough to look at the list of the components to realize that some pose health problems and can be carcinogenic. If you buy an inexpensive candle in the store, the probability that the wax was made from paraffin is very high since it is a less expensive item for manufacturers. Gold paraffin is obtained from petroleum residues, which can be highly toxic to health. The chemicals that go into making candles are also found in the wick and in fragrances. To give these scents of vanilla, lavender or nuances of clementine to your candles, synthetic fragrances are used. In the case of citrus fragrances for example, chemical components such as limonene are used. However, coupled with heat, it becomes toxic and irritating to the mucous membranes.

Scented candles: sources of air pollution

The air we breathe inside our homes is sometimes much more polluted than the air outside. In question ? Our different habits that increase the humidity level or release toxins into our environment. When we light a scented candle in a room, we must follow the advice for use. How many of us do it? Depending on the candle, there are a certain number of hours that must not be exceeded. Between 1 and 2 for some, up to 4 for others. And for good reason, burning the candle releases a number of toxins into the air. First, the simple combustion process gives off methanal, a gas that can be irritating when inhaled. Then, the chemicals that make up the candles are also released on contact with heat. This exposes more sensitive people (children, the elderly, asthmatics, etc.) to respiratory problems of varying severity.

How to use scented candles safely?

There is no question here of banning scented candles from our habits. These are the use them safely. To do this, take the time to read the instructions on the back or the bottom of the candle. It gives all the instructions to avoid domestic accidents. Namely: keep candles away from children and animals, do not light them near textiles (curtains, tea towels, sheets), do not use them for more than a few hours, or even do not leave them unattended. Since they are a source of indoor air pollution, it is recommended not to use them every day and especially to ventilate the room systematically after turning them off in order to release the gases. It may seem counterproductive, but the perfume will have had time to soak up. For people more sensitive to toxic fumes, it is better to turn to scented candles with more natural components (beeswax, essential oils). For that, it will be necessary to put the price since they are sold more expensive in the trade. Otherwise, you always have the option of making your own scented candles. You can be sure that no chemical or product of undetermined origin will go into the manufacture of the product.

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