Are banks open on Easter Day 2021?

Getty Images Are banks open on Easter Day 2021?

Happy Easter! Hallelujah! Jesus Christ is risen today! This year on Easter Day or Resurrection Sunday, which is celebrated this Sunday, April 4.

Banks will not be open on Easter Day 2021

Due to this day some stores may be open in the United States, along with several restaurants, but some places will be closed. There will be no mail delivery because it is Sunday, all federal offices and courts will be completely closed, and banks are also closed. If you want to bank on Easter, it is advisable that you call your preferred branch in advance to confirm that employees will be available.

Are banks open on Easter Sunday?

Some banks close every Sunday, which is when Easter falls. It’s best to call your local branch to check first before heading to one.

Banks that are closed are: Bank of America, Capitol One, Chase, Citibank, Santander Bank, TD Bank, and Wells Fargo. According to

Will banks close on Easter Monday?

No, banks or credit unions will not close on Easter Monday. Again, it is not a federal holiday, so most will open and close on their normal hours.

Are credit unions closed at Easter?

Yes, credit unions are usually closed at Easter. Like banks, there may be some exceptions, particularly branches of major grocery or retail stores. However, even credit unions that generally have Sunday hours can close for the holidays, so you’ll want to check ahead of time if you’re banking on Easter to confirm they’re open.

National banks are closed on Easter Day 2021

Bank of America: closed on Sundays

BBVA: closed on Sundays

BB + T:closed on Sundays

Chase: closed on Sundays

Citibank: closed on Sundays

First Citizens Bank: closed on Sundays

KeyBank: closed on Sundays

PNC Bank: closed on Sundays

Santander: closed on Sundays

SunTrust: closed on Sundays

TD Bank: closed on Sundays

Union Bank: closed on Sundays

Wells Fargo: closed on Sundays

What bank transactions can I carry out on Easter Day 2021?

Remember that if your bank is closed on Easter Day, you don’t have to worry. You can perform most transactions online, through your bank’s mobile app, or through an ATM, many of which will allow you to withdraw cash and deposit money or checks on holidays. Your bank will also likely have representatives available to answer your calls at the respective customer service.

What happens if I made a deposit days before Easter?

If you carried out any operation in your bank or through web portals and mobile applications during the week prior to Sunday, it is possible that due to Easter Day, these operations take longer than normal. Therefore, you will have to wait one or two more days to see this operation reflected in your bank account.

Likewise, all recurring payments made during a weekend have been previously scheduled to take place on the last business day before the weekend. The cut-off times to process deposits and / or other operations, such as payments and transfers, vary, depending on the way each bank operates, and even between the different branches, so it is better that you contact directly your respective bank, to obtain more precise information.

Holiday hours for bank branches

In most cases, banks and credit unions follow the federal holiday calendar to determine when they will close. Here’s a look at a typical bank and credit union holiday closing schedule for 2021:

• New Years Day: Friday, January 1
• Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Monday, January 18
• Washington’s Birthday (Presidents’ Day): Monday, February 15
• Memorial Day: Monday, May 31
• Independence Day: Monday, July 5
• Labor Day: Monday, September 6
• Columbus Day: Monday, October 11
• Veterans Day: Thursday, November 11
• Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, November 25
• Christmas Day: Friday, December 24
• New Years Day: Friday, December 31

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