Are Alicia Machado and Vanessa Claudio disheveled? This happened!

Are Alicia Machado and Vanessa Claudio disheveled? This happened! | Instagram

Everything seems to indicate that Alicia Machado and Vanessa claudio They would have disheveled in Miss Universe 2021 and in the end Vanessa no longer appeared in the picture, so this time we will tell you what happened with both celebrities.

Apparently there were some moments of tension in the live broadcast that TV Azteca offered of the beauty pageant Miss Universe 2021, where the beautiful Mexican Andrea Meza was crowned.

It is worth mentioning that those in charge of this coverage were Brandon Peniche, Sofía Aragón, Alicia Machado, who was Miss Universe in 1996 and Vanessa Claudio.

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During the special, on social networks they began to comment that they noticed a great rivalry between Vanessa and Alicia, because the host of ‘Suelta la Sopa’ did not let her speak, since she interrupted her a lot.

And not only that, since the Twitter account ‘La Comadrita’ announced that they informed him that for this reason, Vanessa and Machado had a strong grip.

It is for that reason that they had to remove Vanessa and before ending the transmission, Alicia looks somewhat disheveled.

And even some Internet users pointed out that they heard the differences of the conductors, in addition to the fact that Claudio magically no longer said goodbye to the viewers.

However, so far both the TV Azteca production and the celebrities involved have not spoken about it.

On the other hand, yesterday was undoubtedly a party for all of Mexico, since this was the third time that Mexico takes the Miss Universe crown with the beautiful Andrea Meza, the country is undoubtedly celebrating her triumph.

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This was the 69th edition of the famous beauty pageant, it took place this past Sunday, May 16.

It should be noted that again this year 74 participants were competing in the contest Andrea Meza was one of them, she is originally from Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico.

In addition to being a model, Andrea is dedicated to promoting tourism in her native Chihuahua, in addition to having studied systems engineering and works as an activist for women’s rights, another of the activities she has carried out is as a professional makeup artist, supporting other countries to raise funds and help them some of them are China, Indonesia and India.

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The truth is, Meza could easily be considered a literal role model, and this is thanks to the actions that he performs and that he will surely carry as an example and practice throughout his reign.

And it is that since the contest began, her presence immediately began to stand out among the beautiful participants and as the emotion of Mexico progressed knowing that Meza continued to advance among each of the finalists, from the moment that Andrea was named among the five finalists, Twitter began to trend its name.

As you may remember, three Mexican names have been awarded in this contest, considered one of the most important contests in the world.

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The first name was Lupita Jones in 1991 being originally from Mexicali, Baja California, the second Miss Universe was Ximena Navarrete in 2010, she is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco and now eleven years later Andrea Meza has the qualification.

Wearing a beautiful long red dress with diamonds, she received the crown of Zozibini Tunzi, a South African model who was the celebrity with the longest reign in the history of Miss Universe, since her reign began in 2019, because in the year 2020 the contest was not held due to the health contingency in which the world was involved.

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