Arctic Monkeys working on their new album

Photo: The Arctic Monkeys would already be working on their next album / .

The drummer of Arctic monkeys, Matt helders, has revealed that the band is in the « early stages » of developing their next material.

While speaking for Instagram Live, the drummer explained that the band led by Alex Turner did “face some obvious obstacles” while working on the continuation of ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’.

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“Being separated by the ocean is one of them… we are all eager to do it, we would be doing it now in normal times. There is definitely a desire on our part to make a new album as soon as we can.  » Helders.

Speculation has recently begun on possible new material from the Arctic monkeys when a photograph of Helders playing drums in a recording studio, however, it seems that it was another side project.

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During the past month, the manager of Arctic monkeys, Ian McAndrew, revealed that the group had « worked on new music » and that they initially planned to record an album last summer.

On the other hand, late last year Arctic monkeys released a new live album of his performance at the Royal Albert Hall of London during the 2018 for charitable purposes.