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  Updated: 05/02/2020 08: 33h
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Monochord and canned sounds, pixels like castles, «Game overs» that raise their hands like civil guards to indicate that we have to go back to the beginning. Arcade games triumphed in the 70s, 80s and 90s, although their origins are earlier, and today they continue to have hundreds of followers who often turn to their online versions.

Remember that brick, that jump into the void that we had to repeat on several occasions until we found out the trick of rushing in and out of it, pressing quickly here and there, that race of deplorable but extremely funny graphics, that ball, those Martians, that all to stop without having saved the game and to be forced to restart the device with resignation is to recover a bit of what we were and what we continue to be. Of all this, with some nostalgia, but without any penalty, we can enjoy on the screens of any electronic device. Press “start” to continue.

It is enough to write their names in a search engine to come across the online version or an application for IOs and android of the classics that reigned in the hands of children and adults during the weekends and the occasional afternoon of leave, but only one hour, huh. Agree. Mario Bros, developed by Nintendo in the 1980s, is perhaps one of the most popular. We have him together with his brother Luigi and twinned with Sonic at the Olympic Games. With fences in between, fireballs to dissuade and castles to travel with the blow of simple keys. Also of action, the appearance of “The Simpsons arcade”, with the whole family to Maggie’s rescue, fell like water in May in the early 90s. The universe of Mc Groening thus gained a new spring that with great pleasure many take again in 2020.

You don’t need an instruction book to understand the objectives of Pac-Man, the labyrinth where a yellow circle is fed by small points in a carnivorous pursuit; Arkanoid, in which we have to hit the ceiling to destroy it before it passes the bottom strip of the screen; the Frogger with the frog not to be missed on the return home; Space invaders to save the world from those strange ships that fly over the firmament in two dimensions, the Tetris and the Pong. Delicious simplicity with which to escape.

Pac-Man – ABCÓut run

Racing, the options, again, multiply: “Out run”, Pole position, Speed ​​demons, Daytona USA. Roads and basic landscapes that when technology has reached hyperrealism are exotic to us, like the entertainment of a teenage Hollywood movie protagonist that we once got on VHS. Retro, in short, we like it.

For this reason, the struggle it brings Street fighter, which no longer seems violent to us, goes back to our eyes to invite us to his delirium for at least a few hours. All of them, of enormous commercial success, are found on different platforms and with multiple versions and reinterpretations that we can access both for free and for payment. It seems, from a distance, that there are as many web pages as users and as many applications as potential players.

Arcade machines

The culmination of this phenomenon is evident in the revival of traditional arcade machines that saw their existence in danger at the turn of the century. They were surpassed in everything by other “hardwares” with more possibilities, but nothing could beat their essence. Therefore, like all fashions, it returns, and now there are many companies that manufacture them in an artisanal and industrial way or distribute them. Servitronic, Mundo Arcade Sevilla, Bricoarcade and Arcade Express are just some of them. In addition, they offer accessories to connect to the computer and television to avoid having to get a complete machine, which can have a single game option or a catalog with, sometimes, thousands of alternatives.

There is who personalizes them at will and claims on your contraption a fridge inside, that is a certain color to show off to the guests at home or that has speakers on the sides that make it the essential piece of the party. They are not cheap, but the joy of taking up old games is sometimes greater than anyone’s pocket.

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