Aragonès answers Sánchez that he wants to talk about self-determination and amnesty

The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has answered this Friday to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who wants to talk about self-determination and amnesty at the meeting that will be held on Tuesday at Moncloa (Madrid).

He has said this in statements to the media after being vaccinated at the vaccination center of the Montjuïc de Fira de Barcelona venue, after Sánchez said this Friday that at the meeting he intends to start working on his Agenda for the Reunion, composed of proposals on investments and financing, but not of the pro-independence “proclamations”, and has said that the only limit will be the constitutional pact and respect for legality.

Asked about these statements, Aragonès has replied that Tuesday’s meeting should be “the beginning of a process of real negotiation to resolve the political conflict”, and has insisted that he will propose amnesty and self-determination as solutions because, According to him, it is what more than 50% of the Catalan population has voted.

“This will be my approach next Tuesday without obviously neglecting other important issues, such as the management of European funds, in which we want to have a clear role, as well as other current issues that also correspond to us, “he argued, according to El Confidencial.

The president of the Generalitat has argued that the dialogue table should talk about how to solve the conflict, and has pointed out that, If Sánchez wants to put other “day-to-day” issues on the table, this must be addressed in the Generalitat-State bilateral Commission.

Aragonès has assured that he hopes that at Tuesday’s meeting they will begin to plan the reactivation of the dialogue table and reach agreements to begin defining “methodology and calendar.”


This meeting will coincide with the decision of the Court of Accounts of communicate a millionaire deposit for 41 positions and former officials of the Generalitat and Aragonès has criticized that it is a “new economic inquisition” against the independence movement.

Aragonès has warned that, despite the fact that the sovereign prisoners have been pardoned, the repression still continues with the Court of Auditors, which “threatens the economic ruin and civil death” of dozens of people, and with the other pending judicial cases related to 1-O. It considers that solving these causes is “absolutely essential to be able to advance in a frank, real, honest negotiation” and that it is possible to dialogue on equal terms.

After the Minister of Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, has said that causes such as the Court of Accounts are “stones in the road” in the dialogue to overcome the conflict, Aragonès has claimed to act to solve it.

“If there is a minister of the State Government who considers that there are stones on the road or giant rocks, apart from verifying it, they should be removed. They have clear mechanisms to do so in accordance with the law current “, has asked.

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