Aracely Ordaz, ‘Gomita’, worries her fans about her physical ailments

Aracely Ordaz, ‘Gummy‘, has his fans with the “Jesus in the mouth.”

It was through her stories on Instagram that the driver announced that she had to undergo a series of medical studies, because she has not felt well in recent days.

“Sweethearts, I’m fine … worried, I went to check various health things, my thyroid, my pancreas, my liver, my kidney, there is something that is not circulating cool in my body“, He declared through a video.

Despite the bad days she has had, “Gomita” thanked all the expressions of affection she has received from her followers, but especially from her family who have been at the foot of the canyon with her.

“Daddy God, thank you for my life, because I am healthy and I have a great family, I ask you to bless us and to be happy forever,” wrote Araceli.

“I ask you for those who have no place to sleep, what to eat, whom to love, I ask you sir for my adversaries and I ask you for all my followers,” he posted.

So far, the also television host has not reported what the studies that were carried out yielded.

BY: Gisela García