Aracely Arámbula will not appear in Luis Miguel’s series

After the successful launch of Luis Miguel’s biographical series on Netflix, one of the great unknowns for this second season was to know if Aracely Arámbula would agree to have her love story with the singer told in said production. And although at first “La chule” was open to negotiate some passages of her life with the father of her two children, Michael Y DanielEverything indicates that things did not come to fruition since the actress has confirmed that her image will not be able to be portrayed in history.

Aracely Arambula© GettyImages

The news about this decision was released through a statement in which Aracely affirms that her name cannot be mentioned at all in Luis Miguel, the series. The document was published on the social networks of some media in which the refusal of the protagonist of La doña (Telemundo) is made manifest.

“As was commented from the beginning and by my management, as well as my legal representative, I never had the intention of authorizing the use and exploitation of my image as part of the biographical, real and / or fictional narrative in the Luis series Michael. My position was clear and forceful in asserting a right that belongs exclusively to me and I defended firmly, “he explained.

In the same way, the singer also emphasized that the decision was designed with the intention of protecting her privacy, since she considers that her personal story does not go hand in hand with the professional.

“This is a prerogative that we all have and we can oppose its use, especially when it can violate the personal and private sphere of a person, even more so, when it is not a stage of our professional life despite being a public figure, “he said.

Aracely Arambula© GettyImages