Apricot, the newborn kitten with ‘two faces’ that makes the Internet fall in love

Cats are the undisputed kings of the Internet. In all social networks, felines, of all ages, Internet users fall in love. But if above it is unique specimens, success is assured.

Apricot is a newborn cat. Next to his sister Pretzel It was discovered by a family who had recently moved into their new home and were doing some construction.

As reported in the Daily Mail, they were taken to the Nashville Cat Rescue, a shelter located in Tennessee (USA), where they were introduced little by little to two mother cats who act as adoptive mothers.

Apricot stands out for its face, which is divided in half. One is dark and the other is reddish. It is probably about a ‘chimera cat’, meaning your cells contain two types of DNA, which occurs when two embryos fuse, according to National Geographic.

The siblings were taken in by caregiver Kiki, who had recently taken care of two pregnant rescue cats named Pickle and Olive. Pickle gave birth to six kittens, one of whom did not survive, while Olive gave birth to a kitten a week later.

She had another baby 24 hours later and Kiki took her to the vet due to the long time between deliveries and the small litter size. Olive was subjected to an emergency cesarean section, as there was still a deceased kitten inside her.

Kiki brought Apricot and Pretzel to the shared litter, introducing them to the mothers slowly, and since both kittens were very young, Pickle and Olive accepted them quickly and they joined the two litters.