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The coronavirus pandemic is affecting more and more people, so some have been created Applications with which you can Track if you are close or were in any way person that has the covid-19 virus.

One of the applications track where have we been and with whom have we come across so share personal data with other users, obviously preserving privacy.

Ramesh Raskar, MIT Media Lab team leader in U.Sconfirmed that this could help to stop the virus from spreading.

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The application name is “Private Kit: Safe Paths“and it’s free; it was developed by researchers at MIT, Harvard University, and some engineers from Facebook and Uber.

The author of this application believes that with it you can avoid that the quarantine and so there are no major economic problems since with it you can identify to a person who carries the virus.

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This is because the record of their analysis will be seen from the application if the person shares the information.

On the other hand, in Spain they also made an application of the Madrid’s community which has been developed together with businessman Martín Varsavsky, his name is ““and from that web page that will soon be an application, it is sought relieve the overload of health consultations.

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She requests the consent to be able to use the Location geographical location of the person and thus know where you are and be able to offer better precautionary measures and evaluation at all times.

In Singapore have made an application called Trace together, whose objective is Track precisely the interactions performed by a person with coronavirus.

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To use this app it will be necessary to use bluetooth to be able to connect with other cell phones in a range of 2 meters away and in this way the record is saved so that if the person is detected with symptom of the virus, the government can know the risk range of those affected and thus be able to notify.

In Israel there is another application that was developed by the Ministry of Health which warns if someone is close to a coronavirus spread and their name is “Maguen“which means Shield in Hebrew.

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These are some of the many applications that have come out and that most likely will be presenting many more due to the despair to be able to find something that can help stop propagation of this great disaster.