Apple’s new HomePod mini is impossible to repair

Even though we still haven’t been able to attend the mandatory iFixit teardown of the new HomePod mini, an avid user of the MacRumors website forum has ventured to perform the teardown himself.

HomePod Mini interiorThe new HomePod mini is proving to be a success, garnering rave reviews from users who have already been able to try it out.

So, after the process, the user called “ouimetnick” has shared the images and his impressions regarding the new smart speaker from Cupertino, coming to the conclusion that it is practically “impossible to repair”.

Disassembling the HomePod mini without breaking it is reportedly nearly impossible, as was the case with the original HomePod. The short threads of the mesh that covers the device along with the difficulty to access its interior they do a really hard task opening the new speaker.

Accessing the interior of the HomePod costs no more and no less than 10 torx screws in sizes T10 and T6, and once inside we can see a small woofer and two passive radiators, without tweeters, something that differentiates it from its older brother.

Interior HomePod miniNot breaking the new HomePod mini in the process of opening seems such a difficult task that it is more worth it that we never have to open it.

Something interesting to note is that, Although the new HomePod mini comes with a USB-C cable, it is attached to the speaker and cannot be removed, unlike what happens with the large HomePod, where it can be removed when connected.

HomePod mini boardSource: MacRumors
Apple’s small smart speaker uses the SiP S5 as a processor, presented by Apple last 2019 along with the Apple Watch Series 5

The logic board is also much smaller than on the top model, and houses the small SiP S5, which it shares with the Apple Watch SE and Series 5.

Looking at the exploded images, we can surely confirm that the user in charge of disassembling the HomePod Mini is not lying when he says that it is a practically irreparable device, and it is that not breaking it in the opening process is inevitable.