Apple’s foldable iPhone would have LG as a screen supplier

LG has been a component supplier for Apple for years. Now it is claimed that it would be the one of choice for the flexible displays of your new iPhone.

We are struck by the fact that in recent months rumors have circulated strongly that Manzana would be developing an electric car to compete directly against Tesla Motors.

In these weeks we have seen parade the names recognized companies in the field as potential partners. At the same time, they have dissociated themselves from any connection with the project.

Ironically, in the branch that Apple dominates the most, that of Smartphone development, everything is following more or less the opposite order.
What favors its potential new iPhone with flexible screen, since LG would just be signed as a new supplier for the project.

An old ally

According to a report by colleagues from DigiTimes LG would have been chosen to provide Apple with the screens necessary for the manufacture of its foldable iPhone.

There are multiple reports about this terminal, many of them are even contradictory. But the vast majority agree that Cupertino’s friends would be thinking of launching it for the year 2023.

In other words, by the time Apple’s terminal arrives, the flexible display phone market would already have been active for 3 years with brands such as Samsung and Huawei refining their terminals in each generation.

So Tim Cook and company would be forced to deliver a killer iPhone. Which, now, would mark a before and after in the trajectory of that line.

Some rumors even hinted that the device would fold from a vertical form factor, like classic clam cell phones.

LG, for its part, is a company with many years testing this type of technology and prepares products with flexible displays in various branches.

At the same time, there are reports that they could leave the mobile business. So the conjuncture would benefit everyone. It will be very interesting to see if all this is true.

But the expectation is already high two years after his supposed arrival.