This competitor for Apple’s AirDrop is expected to debut for all Android systems 6 and up.

Among its functions, there are a series of barriers to prevent strangers from sending unwanted files to people

For example, prior confirmation is needed and people must first enable visibility of their devices in settings

One of the greatest added values ​​of Apple, if not the most attractive, is the great integration that its different devices and software have. Much more than in rival operating systems and gadgets, all the programs and equipment within the ecosystem created by Tim Cook and company work perfectly. This creates a user experience that is difficult to replicate on other computers. However, this advantage is increasingly tenuous.

And not because Apple is reducing the quality of its services. The truth is that its rivals in the technology sector are rapidly catching up with it in terms of integration. The most recent, and perhaps clearest, example is in the news reported by .. One of Tim Cook’s biggest rivals Google has just announced that its Nearby Share service has just entered the testing phase. This system is intended as a rival to AirDrop on Android.

In an interview with Android Police, Google confirmed that this software is already being used by various consumers in the Android ecosystem. Although there is not much information regarding this project, the Alphabet subsidiary promised that it will share more details in the future. However, the software is expected to allow any phone with this operating system to share various content. Among them, images, videos, links and even tweets.

A serious threat to Apple

It’s worth remembering that not only is Google working on its own rival for the popular AirDrop. Also Samsung, with the Galaxy S20, was planning to launch a service to share files remotely between the different teams of the Korean technology. This system, called Quick Share. In addition to Apple’s AirDrop-style feature across multiple devices, it would also help users upload their information to the brand’s cloud.

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However, Google’s initiative would be even more disastrous for Apple than whatever Samsung can design. And it is that the ecosystem of the South Korean company, although larger and more extensive than the one created by Tim Cook on a global scale, is still quite limited. The opposite case applies to Android phones, easily the most widely used operating system on a global scale. More crucially, it would allow interaction between devices of various brands.

Apple should be terrified of this possibility. These kinds of advancements demonstrate that you don’t have to have complete loyalty to a single brand’s software or team to have a great user experience. As the Android ecosystem enables more streamlined cooperation between devices from different brands, the iPhone and its siblings lose appeal. And although it is not your only added value, it could cost you a very good number of customers.

The importance of having an attractiveness that is impossible to copy

Of course, Apple is not the first company that is at risk of going into crisis because its rivals are gradually taking away its added value. The changes Microsoft is slowly making in Teams are putting it in direct conflict with platforms like WhatsApp. TikTok has been slowly gaining ground on Instagram, especially among the youngest. But the social network owned by Facebook is not afraid to steal certain functions from it.

However, the issue of value added tends to change a lot over time, it still remains one of the most important elements of success for companies in the long term. According to Dale Moreau, it is a way to increase the price of products and services, and therefore profits. According to Small Business Bonfire, it also helps build very powerful brand loyalty. And according to My Business, it allows you to capture the attention of the public with ease.