The Apple Developer Transition Kit incorporates the A12Z chip It has already started reaching out to developers to help them prepare their apps for Macs that will incorporate the Apple board (Apple Silicon). These kits are shipped on a Mac Mini, with an iPad Pro chip.

In the results of the Geekbench that has been shown despite being prohibited when signing the confidentiality when sending the Development Kits, the performance is incredible. These results reach 811 single-core and 2,871 multi-core.

The A12Z chip surpasses that incorporated in the Surface Pro X

The well-known peogrammer Steve Troughton-Smith notes that the A12Z chip released two years ago and incorporating the acMac mini‌ shipped in the Developer TransitionKit outperforms Microsoft’s Surface Pro X

We recall that the Surface Pro X incorporates a 3GHz ARM processor designed by Microsoft based on the Qualcomm SQ1 chip, so it is surprising that in Geekbench tests, executing x86_64 code in emulation of the chip A12Z be able to overcome it.

A12Z (Apple Silicon) chip outperforms Microsoft's Surface Pro X

As we see in the measurement of the test results with Geekbench 5, Microsoft’s Surface Pro X with a single core scores 726 and in multi-core tests a score of 2,831, which means that the A12Z chip offers better performance than the Surface Pro X in single-core tests and is practically at the same level in multi-core tests.

If there is something we can criticize about Apple, it is that it lags behind in everything that involves implementing new technology, but that when it does implement it, the result is simply perfect.

Source: MSPU