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We know that the regulatory laws in China are usually very rigorous and one of the most closely watched sectors is that of video game publishing. In order to comply with the publishing laws of that nation, Apple removed more than 8,000 games from its App Store that did not comply with the provisions of Chinese publishing organizations and the number appears to be increasing.

Recently, Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Niko Partners reported that in China more than 8000 games were removed from the App Store, both free-to-play and paid that included microtransactions or in-game purchases.

According to the information, Apple acted in this way after informing developers via email that games that did not have a publishing license number or ISBN would be removed from the digital store within the nation.

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Apple will force developers to comply with Chinese regulation

In case you do not know, in China it is necessary to comply with this standard, because in order to be marketed they must have an official and valid license omitted by the General Administration of press and publications, a government body that is in charge of regulating the launch of video games with purchases within them.

According to Ahmad, Apple removed more than 8000 games from the digital store between July 1 and 8, after it notified the studios since the beginning of 2020 that they would need valid numbers to continue on the platform and it is expected that they will be more games. suspended at the end of this month. Those applications that are not licensed before August 1 will be removed.

It is important to mention that this is an important measure by Apple, since until last June, half of the 100 most downloaded applications in China through the App Store did not have a valid license. According to Niko Partners, developers have had to comply with these regulations since 2016 on iOS and Android, but some inconsistencies had allowed games and applications to be published on the Apple platform without complying with it.

What do you think of the measure that Apple implemented? Do you think it will broadly affect the mobile market in China? Tell us in the comments.

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