LOS ANGELES – Technology giant Apple announced on Friday that it will reopen some of its stores in the United States next week with temperature controls at the entrance and allowing a limited number of customers to enter its stores at the same time amid the pandemic of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

“We are excited to begin reopening stores in the United States next week, starting with some in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska,” the multinational said in a statement released by various US media.

Apple has six physical stores in those states, a small fraction of the 271 points of sale that it has distributed throughout the country and of the 510 worldwide.

“Our team constantly monitors local health data and government guidance, and as soon as we can safely open our stores, we will,” added the Cupertino, California-based company.

In recent weeks, Apple has already reopened some stores in countries such as South Korea, Australia and Germany, among others.

The company explained that it will establish security protocols in all stores to protect its staff and customers from coronavirus, including temperature controls, social distancing regulations and the use of face masks.

If not updated, the government will send the remaining stimulus payments by mail.

Due to the rules of limitation of people within its premises, Apple warned that customers without an appointment may experience delays in their queries or purchases.

The announcement of the start of the gradual reopening of Apple stores in the United States caused the value of its shares to grow above 2% on the trading day this Friday.

This week, the multinational presented a new model of its MacBook Pro laptop with a 13-inch screen and a “Magic” keyboard, thus completely abandoning “butterfly”, which in recent years had come under harsh criticism from the users.

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