Apple will reduce the commission in the App Store for small developers

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 11/18/2020 1:54 pm

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The present day, Manzana has announced a new program known as Small Business Program, which aims to reduce the commissions paid by small developers in the App Store. Those developers who generate less than $ 1 million dollars through their applications will have to pay a 15% commission, instead of 30%.

This program will be available as of January 1, and all those developers who have generated less than $ 1 million throughout the last year can apply for this commission. Obviously, if the developers generate more than $ 1 million, they will not be able to participate. But if their earnings go down, then they can apply next year.

In the official statement, Manzana highlights that the Small Business program “comes at an important time, as small, independent developers continue to innovate during a period of global economic uncertainty.”

Source: Manzana

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