Apple will pay 113 million dollars to users who were encouraged by its iPhone

The lawsuit points out that, in 2016, Apple applied a secret update to the iPhone 6, 7 and SE to control the delivery of power to the chips

In this way, older batteries would not have activity peaks that could suddenly shut down equipment

However, they also caused devices to suddenly perform less than expected.

It seems that Tim Cook’s tech is about to pay a pretty high bill for not being transparent with users. According to ., Apple just reached an agreement with the United States (USA) authorities. 33 entities in the country, as well as the District of Columbia, had sued him for reducing the performance of their iPhones. This, with the goal of hiding battery problems from users and also forcing them to change equipment.

The company has agreed to pay $ 113 million to the authorities and the affected public to put these accusations behind. Apple has repeatedly denied that it is guilty of this practice. However, the governments of Arkansas, Indiana and Arizona, who led this legal process, indicated that this and other technologies cannot continue with this type of action. Specifically, be dishonest with the public and hide reality.

As part of the agreement with the authorities, Apple also promised, over the course of the next three years, to publish details of the power and battery management of iPhones. On its website, the technical details of the updates and the configuration menu of these smartphones, the company must post “reliable information” of its practices. According to the states involved, this hit to Tim Cook is expected to set an example for other brands.

Is a wave of lawsuits coming against Apple and other Big Tech?

This deal with Tim Cook’s company appears to be just the first episode in several years of hardship for Apple and its rivals. It should not be forgotten that, as the Financial Times recalls, an ambitious investigation was launched against Google a month ago for alleged monopolistic practices. A process that would not only contribute to the technology being divided into several businesses in the future. Furthermore, it could only be the first action against this sector.

Related Notes

While these processes are taking place now, under the Trump administration, there is a good chance that this siege will continue in the short term. Also according to ., the Biden administration is expected to be even tougher than the current one in legal action against its anti-competitive practices. Not only that, but it could even implement a series of tougher requirements on issues such as data privacy.

To this must be added that Apple itself is under siege by various legal fronts. At the same time that he is being tried for dishonest practices with his iPhones, he also has a pending fight with Epic Games and Fortnite. It is something that has Tim Cook’s team so nervous, that preventive measures are already being taken. According to The Guardian, the brand is already reducing its commissions within the App Store, but only for some developers.

A history of class action lawsuits

It is also not news, unfortunately, that a company like Apple has to pay a part of the population for dishonestly affecting their customer experience. For example, a group of people in Mexico launched a similar process against Liverpool at the end of this July. At that time, the company was complained of not fulfilling its logistical promises. More specifically, for not being able to deliver customer packages in the planned time and manner.

A similar case, also in Mexico, occurred with AT&T. Profeco filed a class action lawsuit against telecom, and invited the public to join in, due to service failures. The company was also accused of improperly charging many of its clients. At the time, it was calculated that about a million users could have been affected by the company’s activities. However, initially only 79 clients would have come forward to file a complaint.