Apple will make a big announcement this Wednesday

This Tuesday an interview with the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, was broadcast to the television program ‘This Morning’ -of the American network CBS- and has left us a great headline: the apple company will make a big announcement on January 13th.

In his talk with Gayle King, Cook spoke on various current issues and was highly critical of the assault on the United States Capitol. But the most intriguing part of the interview was the preview of a big announcement that Apple will make today (Wednesday).

“It is not a new product”, assured the CEO of the company. So we have to rule out new versions of iPhones or new Mac computers. In addition, the company founded in Cupertino tends to launch leaks when it is going to release a new product and at the beginning of the year there have been none.

What is expected is that this first quarter of 2021 a new iPad Mini and that during the year a smaller and cheaper version of the AirPods Max.

Tim Cook on the American network CBS.

CBS may interest you

What will Apple announce?

The aforementioned announcement will be done during the broadcast of the second part of Cook’s interview for CBS and specialized portals have already begun to place their bets.

Something “very exciting” and “bigger and better” are the only clues Cook gave about this “big announcement.” So portals like rule out that it is a deployment of new privacy features for iOS 14, as it had already been discussed and it would not be a big surprise.

A prototype autonomous car or a substantial donation for coronavirus vaccine research, production and distribution, are other theories that point. They would be two movements that would follow the philosophy of the brand.

Another of the theories that emerged as a result of the interview is that Apple gets the batteries to fight against ‘fake news’, populism and services like Parler, which has been what has led the most radical supporters of Donald Trump to storm the Capitol in Washington DC

And finally, they air the possibility that the ad is about the Windows 10 ARM compatibility with Apple computers, something that users of ‘bitten apple’ products have been waiting for a long time.

In a few hours we will know if any of these theories is true.

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