Apple will fix iPhone screen problems with an update

Each launch of a new iPhone usually brings some small problem with the new devices, bugs or errors that are the users themselves who discover them and that accumulate a special amount of attention. In the case of this generation, the problem appears to be with the screen.

iPhone 12 pro coverOne of the most relevant components of the iPhone 12 is its screen, either because of its various sizes or because of the quality of its panels.

Some users have started to report problems with the OLED panel of the new iPhone 12, which shows a greenish hue and blinks. Complaints have been slowly piling up online since launch, even reaching the Apple Support Community page, with no apparent fix at the moment.

The specialized media MacRumors has had in its possession, according to reports, an official document that those of Cupertino have sent to the authorized service providers Apple, in it It is indicated that no services are performed on the screens of the new iPhones with this problem for the moment, and that customers are recommended to keep their iPhone updated to the most recent version. This could well indicate that Apple believes that display problems can be resolved via software update.

IPhone 12 screen problemsSource: 9to5mac
The affected iPhone 12 shows a green tint on its screen when the brightness of this reaches 90%, in addition to showing flickers.

For the moment the problem seems to be affecting all 4 iPhone 12 models equally. Those affected warn that the problem appears when the screen brightness rises above 90%, and the problem has been found even in those iPhone that run the most recent beta of iOS, 14.3.

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If you are the owner of one of the affected iPhone, it is interesting to bring more claims for the failure to Apple through its reporting platform, in this way Apple will be able to give more importance to the case, and therefore hopefully it will also offer a solution as soon as possible. possible.

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