Apple will cut App Store commission in half, but only for small developers

The commissions of the different digital stores They have long generated controversy and the occasional disgust or scandal. The most talked about was, without a doubt, that of Epic Games using Fortnite in a fight against Google and Apple and their respective stores. Against Apple, in fact, an association of companies has been formed to combat its commissions.

Now, Apple has taken a step for the benefit of what it considers its small developers, taking into account that for the Cupertino company, small developer is anyone who generates less than a million dollars a year of benefits in your App Store. If you are one of them, your commissions to pay have just been cut in half.

From 30% to 15% if you bill less than a million a year

Until now, Apple charged a 30% commission to all its developers for each money transaction produced through its App Store for iOS. This not only included purchases of apps and games as such but also purchases within them, with the exception of reduced commissions for periodic subscriptions.

This percentage has just been reduced if, we repeat, you invoice less than a million dollars a year. If you are in the group of small developers for Apple, your commission to pay goes down to 15%, something that should affect the vast majority of developers in your store, keeping the original 30% for heavyweights.

« Applications have taken on new importance as businesses adjust to a virtual world during the pandemic, and many small businesses have launched or dramatically increased their digital presence to continue reaching their customers and communities. The program’s reduced commission means that small developers and aspiring entrepreneurs will have more resources to invest and grow their businesses in the App Store ecosystem, « says Apple in its official statement.

Apple specifies that the percentages will remain stable throughout the fiscal year, so the changes will be applied for the beginning of next year. So if you have invoiced less than 1 million dollars when 2020 ends, you will be able to pay only a 15% commission in all of 2021, and it will also happen the other way around when your income exceeds the million euro threshold.

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Apple will cut App Store commission in half, but only for small developers