With a dispute still to be resolved, it appears that Apple’s app store policy exposure has finally started to have its repercussions. And it is that finally the Cupertino company has published revised guidelines for the App Store, in which the way is paved for the transmission services of games such as Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, and GeForce Now can run on iOS devices.

However, while this is great news for both players and companies, it seems that Apple is still saving a small concession in its favor, since although these games are normally downloaded and run directly within these streaming applications , iOS users will still have to go through download each game individually from the App Store.

For its part, as detailed by Apple itself in the published document, these measures would be focused on the protection of users: “The games offered in a subscription to the game transmission service must be downloaded directly from the App Store, they must be designed to avoid duplicate payments by the subscriber and they must not harm non-subscribing customers ”.

Still, having to download every Stadia or xCloud game, and possibly any other tools necessary for them to connect to a cloud server with the full game, largely defeats the primary purpose of these streaming apps themselves. of games.

And it is that this double standard of Apple is made more remarkable considering that these rules that do not apply to other non-interactive streaming services such as Netflix or SpotifyIn addition to the fact that this move will give game streaming services a degree of parity with their Apple Arcade game subscription service, where you currently also need to download games individually.