Apple TV + keeps a movie about “Tetris”

Apple TV + continues to update its content with films, which although of different genres, have in common a cast full of well-known faces in the industry. Recently, the platform announced the purchase of the rights to “Tetris”, the film based on the story of the popular game released in the 1980s.

TetrisApple TV + gets the movie rights to one of the world’s most popular games.

For now, Apple TV + has announced that the story of the innovative video game has already confirmed Taron egerton, Kingsman and Rocketman as the lead and the filmmaker Stan & Ollie Jon S. Baird at address. While Noah Pink is on board as a screenwriter.

Apple TV + will tell the story of “Tetris”

The film, which is being produced and financed by Matthew Vaughn’s Marv Films, will address various chapters in the history of Tetris. One of them, the dispute starring Dutch video game designer Henk Rogers, who was the first to obtain the rights to distribute Tetris on Nintendo.

Later, Rogers was involved in a copyright dispute that arose in the 1980s. The character will be played by Taron Egerton.

Taron egertonTaron Egerton will be one of the protagonists of Tetris.

But nevertheless, the faces that will bring to life such important figures as the Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov, who created the game during the communist regime in the Soviet Union, and entrepreneurs Robert and Kevin Maxwell. Pic is now in full preparation before the scheduled start date for early December in Scotland.

During its first year, Apple TV + has proven that quality productions are the premise of its work. Therefore, it has been in charge of ensuring the best artistic and technical talent to produce film productions of your own creation or to acquire the rights to promising titles.

So far, the platform adds a list of future films to release that include: “Bride” with Scarlett Johansson, “Emancipation” with Will Smith and “Hedy Lamarr” with Gal Gadot.