Apple’s website confirms that The iPhone 12 presentation event will take place on September 15, and that, as expected, will be developed in a totally online format. With the global pandemic situation that we are experiencing due to COVID-19, we did not expect anything else.

If we search the official website of Spain we will see that not yet updated, and therefore that event is not registered, but this should change in the next few hours.

As we have anticipated, the iPhone 12 is going to be the main protagonist of this new event. The next star terminal of the bitten apple will bring a small revision in terms of design that, as we saw in this article, we could summarize as a curious combination of elements of the iPhone 5 with others of the iPhone 11. The result is simple, a smartphone with the metallic border inspired by the iPhone 5, an all-screen front with the now classic upper notch and a rear with three cameras grouped in a square space.

Apple has already followed this approach with the iPad Pro, so we have no reason to doubt the latest leaks we’ve seen. When it comes to build quality, we can almost take it for granted that the iPhone 12 will combine a metal frame with a sheet of glass on the rear.

iPhone 12: higher performance and four versions

With the arrival of the iPhone Xs Apple chose to put on the market three versions: the iPhone Xr, which was emerging as a top of the range “affordable”; the iPhone Xs, the “standard” version; and the iPhone Xs Max, which was presented as a larger “premium” variant.

That same strategy has been repeated with the iPhone 11, which remain divided into three variants: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. With the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple is expected to expand its commitment to diversification and present a total of four different models:

5.4 inch iPhone 12

Will be the «base» model, the most economical and it has no real alternative in the present generation. These are its possible specifications and the estimated selling price.

6.1 inch iPhone 12

This model will happen to iPhone 11, and it will be one rung above the previous one. We also review its possible specifications and leave you an estimate of the sale price.

OLED screen. Double camera. 5G connectivity. Apple A14 SoC at 5 nm. 749 dollars-829 euros.

6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro

As you could have imagined this model will succeed iPhone 11 Pro. Next we see its characteristics and its possible price.

OLED screen. Triple camera + LiDAR. 5G connectivity. Apple A14 SoC at 5 nm. 999 dollars-1,159 euros.

6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max

Will be the successor to iPhone 11 Pro Max, and therefore the most expensive and largest smartphone of this new generation.

OLED screen. Triple camera + LiDAR. 5G connectivity. Apple A14 SoC at 5 nm. 1,099 dollars-1,259 euros.

Apple will introduce the iPhone 12 on September 15 37

I remind you that the iPhone 12 will be the first Apple smartphone to have 5G connectivity, although it has not yet transcended its specific specifications.

To mitigate the increase in costs of adding this type of connectivity and keep a contained priceApple has tweaked the iPhone 12’s internal battery layout, and would have removed the charger and headphones as well, at least according to the latest information. This means that when you buy an iPhone 12 you will take just that, the iPhone 12, without any accessories.

Other important news of the event

The iPhone 12 will be the big star of the event, but it is rumored that it will be accompanied by other luxury guests. Among the loudest-sounding names are the Apple Watch Series 6, About which we have already talked to you this morning, a new smartwatch that will not be a great evolution compared to the current model, neither at the level of design or functions.

We also hope that Apple will take advantage of this event to announce the release of iOS 14, the next big update to its popular operating system, as well as watchOS 7, an update of the operating system that powers its well-known smart watch.

Some rumors suggest that the apple company could also present a new “budget” iPadas well as a new iPad Air and even an iPad Mini, but it is pure speculation and nothing is actually confirmed.

As always, we will be attentive to follow the event live and We will tell you all the news.